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Wood Wall Cladding -01

Wood cladding presents a state of art and attraction to the eye. The vast wood grains and types and tinting used to suite the office other furniture color provides an elegant and fascinating feeling.
Wood Wall Cladding: As per the requested design. | Please contact us for more details.
Size: It depends upon the layout and room sizes | any size could be manufactured
Wood Type and Color | AS per the design and the customer requirement

The Wood Wall Cladding is installed on a leveled wall. Those walls could be primarily any type such as blocks, gypsum board……wood partitions…. etc. Then the MDF is installed on the leveling wood studs. The FORMICA / LAMINATED wood sheets are installed. Where in case of wood veneers lamination, the wood tinting and coloring is to follow.


Product Description

1-The total thickness of the wood cladding | Varies from 30 mm to 50 mm.
2- All kind of hidden cabinets and book shelves could be executed.
3- All type of Flat screen areas could be embedded.
4-Color and type of wood are variables and depend upon the customer requirement
5- Design of wood designs varies and depend upon the customer requirements.
6- Wood wall cladding provides an attraction, and a feeling of rich and long history of the company.