The workstation consists of solid panels of 36” + 24”with a height of 54”, the total thickness of the workstations panels is 2.48”.

The Alum thickness varies from 0.039”to 0.125” depending on the part. • The aluminum is powder coated with RAL 7044.

The panels are covered with modified upholstery fabric where it provides diversification of the sound signals (where it makes perfect for the call centers and open areas). In addition, the fabric is installed on a thin layer of sponge for sound absorption.

Product Description

  • The table top is from particle boards 1”thick  machine laminated from both sides with anti-scratch melamine, the edges are covered with 0.7’ or 0.11’ P.V.C machine band edged. Holes for cables with plastic cover are drilled.
  • The table top space accommodates a reasonable working, filing, and a desk top PC space.
  • The supporting cantilevers are powder coated and CNC manufactured steel with 0.047” thickness.
  • The bottom part has a race way, with a track cover that could be dismantled and re-fixed from both sides. Each panel track cover is punched with two openings (2.6”x1.25”) from one side to accommodate the electrical/ date sockets.
  • It accommodates a 3-drawer steel mobile powder coated pedestal, with extra over price.
  • The unit is totally a knockdown system and it can easily be dismantled and re-located and reinstalled, all you need to install/dismantle is a normal drill.
  • It takes 15 minutes in installation and does not require any skills.
  • Warranty: Limited 5 years warranty for the original owner against manufacturing defects.
  • Green Material. More than 90%of the product is made of aluminum, it is recyclable and environment friendly.
  • Fabric Flammability Test California Technical Bulletin 117 Section E, Part1(CS191-53) BS5852 Part1:1979,Match Test.
  • Fabric Abrasion Resistance BS5690.1991/800g/12kpa/ Martindale: Exceeds 30000 rubs.
  • For projects Unlimited Sizes, unlimited fabric colors, unlimited work surface colors, unlimited Alum Color Profiles.
  • Panel sizes   Full Fabric  W  6”/12”/18”/24”/30”/36”/42”    48”/60”/66” H  30”/42”/51”/54”/66”  D  2.48 “ Top 1’ or 2’ Glazed Panels    W  18”/24”/30”/36”/42”/48”/60”/66” H  42”/51”/54”/66” D  2.48 “       The panels’ race way accepts different electrical management cable systems.