Practical Reception L-SHAPE workstations-WORKSTATIONS-FOR OFFICE -34

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Practical Reception L-SHAPE workstations-WORKSTATIONS-FOR OFFICE -34

This work station is primary used for Administrators/Sales Managers/Group heads
Fabric Colors: Brown| Beige| Blue
Table Colors: Grey| Dark Oak| Maple
Size: 60 cm x 160 cm x 120 cm height | any size could be manufactured
Alum Color: RAL .7044

U Shape workstation that suits Receptionists/ sales rep’s/data entry/lap top users.

Product Description

1-The workstation consists of solid panels of 1.2 m height. The total thickness of the workstations panels is 6.3 cm
2- The Alum thickness varies from 1.2 to 3.2 mm depending on the part.
3-The aluminum is powder coated with RAL 7044
4-The panels are covered with modified Upholstery Fabric where it provides diversification of the sound signals (where it makes perfect for the call centers and open areas). In addition, the fabric is installed on a thin layer of sponge for sound absorption.
5-The table top is from particle boards / MDF 25mm are machine laminated from both sides with anti-scratch melamine, and the edges are covered with2 mm P.V.C and installed through edge lamination machines. Holes for cables with plastic cover are drilled.
6- The supporting items are powder coated and CNC manufactured steel with 1.2 mm thickness.
7-It has a reasonable table space to accommodate one desk top PC and a space to write.
8- The bottom part has a track for electrical wiring/however the track location could be manufactured to be in the top part above the table. With already punched location for the electrical/network sockets.
9- It has a 3 drawer pedestal.
13-The unit is totally a knockdown system and it can easily be dismantled and re-located and re-installed.
10-All you need to install/dismantle is a normal drill.
11-It takes 15 minutes in installation, and does not need any skills.
12- The factory has the capacity to produce any panel/ any accessory to accommodate any change in the workstation design to accommodate any future changes in the layout.
13- The products are guaranteed life time against manufacturing defects.