1. 1,Cutting length: 3800 x3800mm
2.Main saw motor: 18kw
3.Saw carriage travene speed: 5-130m/min
4.Program fence speed :80m/min
5.Width: 50-4300mm
6.Cleat: 7
7.Be qualified for set up promotion and demotion feed system,electric hydraulic pressure the thickness controlling automation feed- pressure Liang Ke basis sheet material automatically adjusts range and pressure beginning to speakthe seat matches the automation side pressure device setting up brand-new design with the treating time- saw cutting down a machine correspondingly , may adjust pressure by the fact that CADmatic under the control of software has no diruption.
8. The “MONORAIL” guidance device moves in saw tangent offside guidance saw seat perpendicularity , prevents mass from shaking and cuts to the saw to produce the saw bit affecting- “POWER LOC ” changing system, but the fleetness quickly changing a saw bit casually

Name:BAZ/BOF 700 CNC System
Pair of table tops design the dyadic independence of multifunctional treating of dyadic BAZ/ BOF 700 series gates for becoming a dragon pair of table tops computer numerical control centre- gate for becoming a dragon , are suitable to large amount of the workpiece processing reality wood or furniture of all kinds, various working procedure such as may carry out the bright metal shape , polishing , drilling and closing up an edge the edge needs selecting and using the BAZ700 series type) processes , adopt late-model PC 85 electronic control system

1.Sheet material maximal finish size: Every 2500(L)*1000(W)MM
2. left/right a row 21 scroll of level drills a seat; 4 set of bottom perpendicularities drill a seat , every matches 2– 11 scrolls of drill axis,rotation rate 3000 revolution of/ minutes-
3.hand of perpendicularity gang drill group available pushes glide , prompt allocation device-
4. height output , every minute may drill 20-23 pieces of boardThe firm fuselage of heavy type , high and low are that pair, girder , designs- but revolution drills an assembly without exception, setup change the system-
6. LED-display screen, X , Y1 , Y2 quickly, the fleetness fixes position-
7. touching a screen controlling design , handles simplely

1. Process width: 1350 millimeters
2. abrasive belt length: 2620 millimeters
3. fit to do more cut amounts and big production capacity favors a grit up , one time of feed is to accomplish fixing to the floor , reality wood and various xylon workpiece thickly
4. The first grits roller for one, 30 kilowatts of independent drive motor power
5. Second grits put up 22 kilowatts independent drive motor power being that one hardness is 85 degree
6. Third grits are that one grit puts in the device , 11 kilowatts of independent drive motor power only
7. Feedrate is 4-20 meters of/ minute there be no Deruption speed change,meanwhile can be used inprodcion,and the front and back have strong press footwear,in the second and the third roller have the clean Equipment,and the exhit has independent motor systerm for clearn.

Name:OPTIMAT KDN/F 100 Series
Heavy type broad fuselage, convenient upkeep be maintained and so on job- enlarge capacities glue box design, guarantee machinery longtime continuous duty- feedrate amount to 18 meter/ minute, special suitable mass production- common 12 -kind model allocation, culvert cover in advance bright metal edge, scribble glue, front and back construct edge, about rude construct edge, notch, about truing edge, tracking construct round angle, shovel knife, polishing and so on function, customer in the light of oneself need choose right model

Name:Twin spray
1.personalize design: The flame plating pretends to have passage the dooron both side of machine, clean maintenance, assembling operation easy, machine sigmatism and operation become easier , more effective
2.High-effect: Flame plating machine have rule and neat top filter external form, ensure that entrance air flow speed stable and produces even box inner pressure , cut down excessive flame platings thereby phenomenon.
3.Hooverize: That the menstruum low consumption and the high-effect paint reclaim system is an Elmag flame plating machine one of the most outstanding characteristic, makes use of wet paint principle reclaim system , activates by the paint, may spread the front high-effect replacement between reclaiming the unnecessary paint splashing out , the consumption cutting down menstruum , clean and different convenient colour paint on to shaving.
4.Long effect: Cut down conveyer belt outside mechanical movement design , the life time prolonging a belt correspondingly.